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Our Guarantees & Promises

Guaranteed Pricing™

In the past, we had no better way to price service work. But developments in our industry now make it possible to offer you a better choice: Guaranteed Pricing™. A nationally respected organization has accumulated data on the proper time to complete thousands of service tasks. This time is based on a fully trained and qualified technician with the latest diagnostic tools arriving at you home or business.

Avoid ‘Sticker Shock’ by Knowing How Much the Job Will Cost in Advance

You should NEVER have to pay the price for slow or inefficient service. But that's exactly what tends to happen when you pay service technicians by the hour instead of by the job. Because we charge by the job, you never pay for slow or lazy technicians or for run-around time for parts and other materials. And because it's in our best interests to work as efficiently as possible, we stock our trucks with every imaginable tool and part and train our technicians to do the job efficiently and correctly the first time around.

By removing the clock emphasis, our technicians don’t feel pressured to hurry, which might cause a mistake, but can take the time necessary to make sure the job is done right. So you benefit both by knowing the cost on the front end and with superior efficiency and service.

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Our Guarantees

At Ninja Electric, we are confident in the quality of our service and committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We want you to be more than just 100% satisfied, we strive for 110% which means we want you to be delighted. If our electricians smoke or swear around your home; do not wear shoe covers; or do not clean up, you do not have to pay for the service call. We are able to offer this guarantee because of the commitment to quality and client service that our technicians have made.

Ninja Electric guarantees that when the equipment we have installed is maintained and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, the system will perform as we have stated and agreed upon. We have promised a maintained temperature variance of no more than 3 degrees from your temperature selection to the actual temperature at your thermostat when you are heating or cooling your home. If the installation temperatures are not achieved, we will make any necessary modifications, repairs or replacements at no charge to you for a period of 5 years.

Ninja Electric technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. They will care for your home and complete the job with speed and precision. They will not wear shoes on your carpets. They will clean up when they are finished and take personal responsibility for your satisfaction. They will not smoke or swear in your home and they are drug-free. If, when they have finished in your home, they have not performed in accordance with these high standards, you don’t pay until you are satisfied with the results.

At Ninja Electric, we are confident in the quality of our service and committed to the satisfaction of our customers. Ninja Electric Warrants its work to be free from defects in material for 30 days (we can not regulate the quality of the manufacturers' equipment) and has a lifetime warranty on its workmanship (we can regulate the quality of our labor and will hold it to the highest standards). The details of this warranty are on the back of your invoice. If you have any questions about this warranty please call us at 405-865-8243. We have made a commitment to uphold the highest standards in our work and customer service and are willing to stand behind our work with this lifetime pledge to our customers.

Ninja Electric guarantees that during the entire first year that you own your new system, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the performance of the equipment, our service, or even our people, we will remove the system within 30 days of your request and cheerfully refund the entire amount of your investment.