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Standby Backup Generator Systems

Designed to keep your home operational in times of utility company power outages.

We are a Premier Service Provider for Standby Generators in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Sizing a generator can be one of the most critical steps to a good installation. Ninja Electric has developed a system for generator sizing that takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

Give us a call and see why we have the solution to help you get the right generator and spend the least amount possible with the best warranty around. “Working through the dark to bring you light" at 405-865-8243.

You'll find we take our job seriously and value highly the trust that is placed in us. To understand why we go so far beyond what others do by investing in the extra training and equipment we believe necessary to protect your home and family properly, take a moment to view the rest of our website.

By doing what it takes to ensure each customer's satisfaction, Ninja Electric is welcome in more homes in Oklahoma City Area than any other electrical contractor. We invite you to give us a call and let us know how we can brighten your day.

When you call a local generator company for a price, do they leave out such things as gas piping, building permits, electrical inspections or even the recommended final 3-4 hour startup procedure? Or worse yet, they say you don’t need these things!

There is a spectrum of competencies out there when it comes to 
installing a standby generator. Don't be misled!
You and your family NEED a RELIABLE power system in an emergency situation!

Ninja Electric leaves nothing to chance and our pricing is the most complete in the industry. No surprises...No Risk...No Worry! And as you can see below we include many things that our competition leaves out...or worst yet ignores!

Ninja Electric Standard Installation Practices Ninja Electric Competition 

In Homesite assessment and evaluation 

Generator standby layout and design by Ninja Electric trained personnel INCLUDED EXTRA 

Detailed review of proposed system solution with homeowner 

Obtain and pay Town Permitting where required INCLUDED EXTRA 

Obtain and pay for Electrical inspection by town approved agency

Coordination with local gas utility for gas meter upgrade if using more than 350k btu's. INCLUDED EXTRA 
Generator shipping charges directly to your home INCLUDED EXTRA 
Electrical installation by Ninja Electric trained technician INCLUDED EXTRA 

Gas piping to generator sized to generator recommendations 


Installation of gas piping by experienced mechanical tradesman


Ninja Electric only uses black iron pipe - 1" minimum! 


Gas piping installed by licensed professional!


Generator transfer switch installed in compliance with NEC 2005!


Generator installation per manufacturer specifications - really! 


Exterior site preparation including leveling, 3" pea gravel, and site restoration.


Battery sized per specifications - Ninja Electric only uses excellent quality batteries


2-3 hour generator start-up procedure per manufacture specifications - Frequency, voltage and demand regulator adjustments to name a few.


Change engine oil and filter after break-in procedure - units are shipped with break-in oil, this must be changed to avoid engine damage! 


20 item customer approval/acceptance checklist - ask the competition for this... 


3-ring binder operating and maintenance manual for warranty and maintenance tracking - includes copy of electrical inspection certificate and town permit number. 


Full lifetime guarantee on electrical workmanship


Full installation completed by a trained Technician


Our installations include:

1. 1- Year maintenance agreement 
2. On-site generator startup and testing by a certified technician. Startup includes frequency, voltage and demand regulator adjustments as well as recommended load testing.
3. Electrical inspection. 
4. Town permitting (most towns do require a building permit).
5. Up to 20' natural gas iron piping (most contractors give you 6' ) sized to Guardian Installation guidelines.
6. Local utility coordination for elevating natural gas pressure if not on LP.
7. All items spelled out in above "Standard Services".
8. 100% customer satisfaction
9. 24/7 emergency services.

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